From consultant to CEO - Life after consultancy, Auckland - New Zealand
Wednesday, 05/17/17 17:15 - 19:00
Pete Boyle (FCMC and a former president of IMCNZ) is the CEO of AJ Park, an Australasian leading Intellectual Property business of 240 people and having 300 of the Forbes top 500 as clients.

Having led the NZ Operations Consulting business of Deloitte for many years, been a partner in Acuity Partners and had a strategy role in NZDF, Pete has had a diverse background before landing at AJ Park six years ago. He is well placed to brief us on the life of a CEO and how his background as a consultant has helped in his current role. He will also discuss some observations on employing consultants.

Consultant to CEO:
- Being a CEO
- How consulting helped me
- Employing consultants - some observations
- What would I change
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