The quality fraternity in Pakistan is challenging the status quo and starting initiatives to lead the country to a brighter future. The Pakistan Institute of Quality Control recently held its conference titled “Quality, Performance, and Competitiveness in the current difficult socioeconomic situation”.  

The 12th International Convention on Quality Improvement and 2nd ANQ Regional Conference, ICQI 2011 was held on May 2-3 2011 in Lahore – Pakistan. The conference was organised by the PIQC Institute of Quality in collaboration with the Quality & Productivity Society of Pakistan and the Asian Network for Quality.

Over the conference two days around 40 local and foreign speakers presented their papers, research work and many leading companies shared their Best Practices in different fields such as Healthcare, Education and business services. There were also many strategy related papers in which the theory of system, Quality Culture, Human Resource Management, Breakthrough Management, Quality Tools and Leadership for Quality were critically explored and analysed.  

The Conference Chairman, Dr. Kamran Moosa and CEO of PIQC Institute of Quality, discussed the state of Quality in Pakistan, outlined the need for change, and proposed new initiatives to address the challenges. One big step forward, announced by Khawaja Muhammad Yousaf, CEO of National Productivity Organization (NPO) was the launch of the Prime Minister’s Quality Award. This award is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence which is used in the United States and many other countries. It is envisaged that the award will lead to a greater appreciation and understanding of quality, and greatly assist organisations to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

You can read more details about the conference here.

Ahmed Abbas

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