Research from the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) reveals that the landscape of business excellence awards is undergoing a major transformation.

COER’s 2023 research indicates there are 39 countries that have an active national business excellence award (or awards) with an additional 3 active regional awards covering more than one country, refer to Table 1. This contrasts with 57 countries having an active national business excellence award and 4 regional awards reported in 2021 (Ghafoor and Mann, 2021). Awards were deemed active if they were held in 2021, 2022, 2023 or there was evidence they were being planned for 2024.

No.Business Excellence Awards Business Excellence Initiatives Only
39 countries and 3 regions where awards remained active 13 countries where initiatives remained active
1Africa (African Excellence Award) Belgium
2Asia-Pacific (Global Performance Excellence Award) Chile
3Europe (EFQM Global Excellence Award) Estonia
1Argentina Kazakhstan
2Australia Mauritius
3Austria Nepal
4Bangladesh Netherlands
5Belarus New Zealand
6Canada Norway
7China Serbia
8Costa Rica Ukraine
9Cuba Wales
10Czech Republic  
11Denmark 17 countries and 1 region changed from active awards to active initiatives
12Ecuador Latin America (Iberoamerican Excellence Award)
13Egypt Bolivia
14Fiji Brazil
15Finland Brunei
16France Colombia
17Germany El Salvador
18India Greece
19Indonesia Ireland
20Iran Japan
21Israel Jordan
22Italy Korea
23Latvia Morocco
24Luxembourg Peru
25Malaysia Poland
26Mexico Portugal
27Philippines Russia
28Saudi Arabia Singapore
29Spain Sri Lanka
30Sweden 3 new countries added to the list of active initiatives
31Switzerland Botswana
32Taiwan Hungary
33Thailand Qatar
34Turkey 5 countries showing no proof of having active business excellence award or initiative anymore
35United Arab Emirates Malta
36United Kingdom Mongolia
37United States of America Pakistan
38Uruguay Scotland
39Vietnam Slovenia

Table 1 – List of Countries/Region with Business Excellence Awards and Initiatives1


1. Please inform COER,, if you spot any errors or omissions in the table or in the awards spreadsheet (you may download this here – it contains the latest status of all business excellence awards and initiatives)

Since 2021, 18 countries have ceased having an active business excellence award. These inactive national/ regional awards are now classified as ‘active business excellence initiatives only’ if there is evidence that the country is still promoting business excellence. The number of countries with ‘active business excellence initiatives only’ is at 33 meaning that there are a total of 72 countries that are actively promoting business excellence through awards and/or initiatives.

Within the active 72 countries and 3 regions, 83 business excellence awards and initiatives were identified as some countries have more than one business excellence custodian. Of these most awards/initiatives are based on the EFQM Excellence Model (30 using it as it is and 7 using a modified version) and the Baldrige Excellence Framework (11 using it as it is and 12 using a modified version)


Figure 1 – The EFQM Excellence ModelFigure 2 – The Baldrige Excellence Framework



Figure 3:Number of Business Excellence Custodians Using Specific Types of Business Excellence Models

The decline in both global and regional awards raises concerns about the state of business excellence initiatives worldwide, prompting a need for further research to investigate this decline and its potential implications for the business community. This is at a time when the urgency for business excellence has reached unprecedented levels, highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which emphasized critical areas for businesses to focus on such as business continuity, crisis management, supply chain efficiency, and customer loyalty (all are areas where business excellence models can guide organisations to put in place robust systems). Whilst the pandemic brought most awards to a halt for one or two years, it was expected that most would have returned to normal by now. It remains crucial to monitor whether countries listed in Table 1, which are currently implementing initiatives, will resume awards in 2024.The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research will continue to conduct research into business excellence and support organisations on their journey to excellence. For further information on COER’s work please contact Dr Robin Mann,

Ghafoor, S. and Mann, R.S. (2021) Russia joins the list of 57 countries having an active business excellence awards program [online], Business Performance Improvement Resource (, Accessed 25 September 2023,

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Author:Dr Saad Ghafoor and Dr Robin Mann, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, January 2024
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