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About BPIR

The BPIR.com website was launched in April 2002. It was developed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER),  Massey University and later formed into BPIR.com Ltd. Steve Welch one of the creators of the resource serves as the Managing Director and Dr Robin Mann, founder and creator, as the Commercial Director. Dr Robin Mann is also the Director of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research and Chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network.

The BPIR started out as a project within COER where  a team carried out research on what support is provided to organisations, small and large, via the internet, to help improve business performance.  The foundation and interest behind the research was strongly linked to the experience of the team as qualified business excellence evaluators using the EFQM and Baldrige models.

The research revealed gaps in the types of services provided in the business improvement arena.  Specifically there was no affordable 'one-stop' resource where in-depth information on a full range of issues was made available.  Key areas researched included benchmarking; performance measurement; benchmarks; best practice information; high-performing organisations (benchmarking partners); tools and techniques; industry research; and self assessment (tools to diagnose weaknesses within the organisation).  With this research outcome firmly in mind the BPIR was developed over a two year period with the aim to help fill these gaps.

Initially, through a careful choice of partners and  support from Massey University, the BPIR was further developed and operated as an internal business unit in the University.  In January 2006 the unit was formed into the company BPIR.com Limited.  The company maintains its strong connection to COER and is moving forward rapidly with its plans for further enhancement of its services.  The leadership at BPIR believe in a partnership approach to growth where strengths of like-minded organisations can be harnessed to form a robust service that has depths of expertise within the several areas it operates.  Success in forming such partnerships can be seen in the growing list here.

Our Vision

To be the essential Internet resource for performance improvement.

Our Mission

To assist organisations world-wide to improve their performance by providing a web-site resource that:

  • provides relevant information quickly
  • places function over form

  • is educational and affordable

  • provides the latest thinking/research into organisational improvement

  • provides a wealth of information on performance measures, benchmarks, best practices

  • provides performance improvement activities, all categorised by a choice of business excellence models

  • improves and progresses towards becoming the essential first-stop resource for performance improvement

Our Values

The BPIR exists to offer its members valuable information and services. To support this, a culture based on the following values has been grown:

Customer Values

Our culture is focused on: 

  • providing extraordinary value for money for members

  • providing a practical and educational business focused resource

  • providing a professional service

  • respecting client confidentiality

Learning and Growth Values

Our culture is focused on: 

  • development of innovative ideas and solutions

  • always listening and learning from customers

  • establishing long-term relationships between customers, partners and the BPIR development team.

Internal Business Process Values

Our culture is focused on:

  • delivering BPIR design simplicity and ease of use

  • assisting our customers but not prescribing

  • being unbiased (providing information that shows both good and bad experiences)

  • investing in and growing the knowledge base of the BPIR development team.
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