We are thrilled to announce the latest update on the 10th International Best Practice Competition 2024, a platform that celebrates outstanding best practices and fosters a culture of sharing. As we draw closer to the competition, we are excited to announce that we have received an overwhelming response, with over 50 applications submitted from countries including Canada, India, Iran, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

Whilst the official deadline of the International Best Practice Competition was 6 May we are still accepting late applications if we receive them before Round 2 begins (to start in early June 2024, dates will be announced soon). Round 2 is the presentation stage of the competition where the participants present their best practice to our international panel of judges.

We are also still accepting applications for the: Organisation-wide Innovation Award, Environmental, Social, and Governance Excellence Award, GBN Global Benchmarking Award – these have a deadline of 6 June 2024.

IBPC Best Practice Award

Celebrates best practices excellence in the areas of Leadership, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Strategy and Performance, Customer Focus, Supplier & Partner Relationships, HR, Operational Excellence & Innovation, Asset Management or Automation / Digital Transformation.

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ESG Excellence Award

Honors organizations that are at the forefront of promoting environmental and social awareness in every aspect of their operations, including governance, employees, products, and services, while actively engaging various stakeholders like customers, suppliers, investors, and the community.

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Organisation-Wide Innovation Award

Recognises organisations that excel in inculcating an innovation culture throughout all facets of their operation from the leadership to employees and covering all stakeholders leading to innovative processes, products and services.

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GBN Global Benchmarking Award

Encourages organisations to share how benchmarking (learning and applying best practices) is an integral part of their improvement and innovation drive. Further information on this award can be obtained on the Global Benchmarking Network’s website.

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