Antibiotic resistance and antibiotics inappropriate use is the greatest public health challenges of our time, as per the international benchmark almost at least 30% of the antibiotics prescriptions are unnecessary, and the remaining 70 % are likely necessary. AHS’s best practice is the initiative to implement an effective Antimicrobial Stewardship Program as the first of its kind in the UAE to improve antibiotic prescribing with a target of 50 % reduction of total inappropriate antibiotics prescription and reduce the unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics for viral infections to Zero % in 48 weeks.

BPIR Categories

9.4.5 Develop functional/process competencies
9.4.7 Develop team competencies
15.2.2 Customer retention/referral/relationship building
15.4.2 Employee development & training
15.4.6 Work environment, health, safety, ergonomics
15.6.18 Regulatory and legal compliance

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