Dual career path as a solution to retain and maintain employees. Arya Sasol Polymer Company (ASPC) offers a systematic solution for employees’ personal promotion. The solution came as the company used to face a career advancement freezing as well as a timewasting ‘floating grades’ among a number of its qualified and experienced employees (the ones who were mostly at the same age and hired at the same time); an issue that was totally in opposite to employees’ desires for attaining top s

BPIR Categories

15.4.2 Employee development & training
15.4.5 Employee recruitment, retention, succession plans
9.10.1 Retain human capital
9.3.2 Develop succession & career plans
9.4.1 Align employee & organisation development needs
9.5.1 Develop performance management approach
9.5.3 Evaluate work for market value & internal equity
9.5.4 Develop & manage base & variable compensation

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