PERFORMANCE FACTORY as an integrated performance solution. Arya Sasol Polymer Company is located in the south of Iran with a land area of 72 hectares (178 acres). This area comprises three plants of Ethylene production, Light Density polyethylene, and Medium / Heavy Density polyethylene. With about 2,300 manpower and average annual revenue of $1 billion,…

BPIR Categories

14.3.3 Implement an org-wide continuous improvemnt program
15.1.1 Strategy success measures & performance indexes
15.4.4 Employee performance management/recognition
15.6.2 Strategy development & deployment
2.2.4 Formulate and review business unit strategy
2.3.1 Identify, plan & map key processes
2.5.2 Develop & set organisational goals
2.5.3 Develop and deploy action plans & projects
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance
8.2.5 Leaders review org performance/capabilities
8.2.6 Leaders establish/improve the management system
9.2.2 Define & align work outputs & metrics
9.2.4 Communicate objectives/goals & metrics
9.5.2 Manage team performance
9.5.4 Develop & manage base & variable compensation

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