Great Business via Great Service – The Aster Pharmacy Journey of Reinventing Service Excellence. Aster Pharmacy is a leading chain of pharmacies in the UAE with over 175 pharmacies in the region. Aster Pharmacy as a brand focuses on “delivering good health & happiness” through friendly neighbourhood pharmacies that are customer-centric & easily accessible. Aster Pharmacy is committed to bringing reliable & quality healthcare closer to every community by appointing a pharmacist in every ne

BPIR Categories

1.1.7 Review customer listening & learning methods
1.2.3 Identify new innovations that meet customer needs
1.3.1 Build customer relationships
1.3.2 Determine & provide customer contact mechanisms
1.3.3 Review customer relationship approach
15.2.2 Customer retention/referral/relationship building
15.2.4 Service performance e.g. quality/delivery/value
4.1.1 Identify market segments & target customers
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance
7.2.1 Provide post-sales service

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