BPH Business Recovery Strategy during COVID Pandemic. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (BPH) is located in Pattaya, a Thailand seaside holiday destination, and it is located on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. It is one of the 50 locations run by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), and is the main referral hospital for the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Each year, a large number of international tourists visit in Pattaya City. There is more than 40 percent of total number of all patients or more tha

BPIR Categories

1.1.6 Analyse customer data
1.2.3 Identify new innovations that meet customer needs
11.1.5 Manage financial risk
12.6 Implement emergency response programs
14.1.3 Set performance targets.
14.1.5 Analyse performance data.
14.3.5 Reengineer business processes & systems
15.1.1 Strategy success measures & performance indexes
15.3.1 Financial performance
2.2.4 Formulate and review business unit strategy
2.2.5 Integrate future foresight scenarios into strategy
2.5.5 Ensure business continuity

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