Aim: To identify and implement best practices that engage, empower, and enlighten employees leading to elevated levels of employee happiness, loyalty, motivation, communication, innovation, and productivity. Scope: Focus on employees’ satisfaction level and employees’ engagement and happiness related activities at CDA for all employees’ senior management to front line employees, except Contracted staff. In the other hand; the project will include research, benchmarking and learning from be

BPIR Categories

14.2.4 Conduct best practice/ process benchmarking
15.4.1 Employee satisfaction/dissatisfaction
15.4.2 Employee development & training
15.4.4 Employee performance management/recognition
15.4.5 Employee recruitment, retention, succession plans
15.4.7 Employee efficiency/productivity performance
8.2.1 Leaders communicate with employees
9.10.1 Retain human capital
9.10.2 Analyse the impact of rewards/training/well-being
9.3.2 Develop succession & career plans
9.3.3 Recruit, select & hire employees
9.3.4 Create & deploy teams
9.4.1 Align employee & organisation development needs
9.4.4 Develop & manage employee orientation programs
9.4.5 Develop functional/process competencies
9.4.6 Develop management/leadership competencies
9.4.7 Develop team competencies
9.5.1 Develop performance management approach
9.5.2 Manage team performance
9.5.5 Manage reward & recognition programs
9.6.1 Survey/assess employee satisfaction/morale
9.6.2 Manage employee satisfaction
9.6.3 Develop work & family work/life support systems
9.6.4 Manage & administer employee benefits
9.6.5 Manage workplace cleanliness, health & safety
9.8.1 Manage labour-management relationships.

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