Future Foresight in Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects. Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) is a leading engineering organization responsible for the design, master planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector. The vision of the organization is “Developing the aviation capital of the world” and in order to visualize it, our leadership and top management have always given innovation high significance. For this competition, DAEP would like

BPIR Categories

15.6.2 Strategy development & deployment
2.1.2 Identify economic/industry trends
2.1.3 Identify political & regulatory issues
2.1.4 Assess new technology innovations
2.1.5 Understand demographics
2.1.6 Identify social & cultural changes
2.1.7 Understand ecological concerns
2.1.8 Understand the internal environment/performance
2.1.9 Assessment of the internal/external environment
2.2.1 Obtain stakeholder input into strategy formulation
2.2.5 Integrate future foresight scenarios into strategy

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