Aim: To reach a survival rate of above 65% for OHCA incidents by 2025 in the Emirate of Dubai, saving approximately 800 lives per year; and to make Dubai The Safest Heart City in the world Scope: – A plethora of elements were investigated as part of the project, in order to determine the best way to achieve the project’s aim. This was either through desktop research or partner visits locally & internationally. All the topics listed below in inclusions / exclusions were investigated.

BPIR Categories

1.2.3 Identify new innovations that meet customer needs
1.3.1 Build customer relationships
12.2 Ensure compliance with regulations
13.1 Develop and manage supplier/customer partnerships
13.3 Manage government/regulator relationships
13.7 Develop community relations
13.9 Anticipate public concerns
14.2.4 Conduct best practice/ process benchmarking
15.4.6 Work environment, health, safety, ergonomics
15.6.18 Regulatory and legal compliance
3.2.1 Translate customer needs into product requirements
3.2.5 Involve stakeholders in innovation & product/service development
6.3.1 Identify/schedule resources for service requiremnt
6.3.2 Provide the service
8.2.3 Leadership relationships with customers
8.2.4 Leadership relationships with suppliers and partners

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