Al Tawar Center – Smart, Sustainable Customer Center. Al Tawar Centre is one of the earliest subjects to the Energy Saving Program in Dubai Municipality. Ensuring thousands of the center visitors a 7-star ratings service. Setting the customer experience as priority in all 277 services targeting individual, business and government customers. Noting that the municipality served 264,914 transactions manual and online transactions through different service channels and 7 customer centers. Achi

BPIR Categories

11.6.3 Manage facilities
12.1 Formulate environmental management strategy
12.2 Ensure compliance with regulations
12.4 Implement resource preservation program
12.8 Develop and manage environmental performance measurement/information system
12.9 Implement sustainable business strategies
15.4.6 Work environment, health, safety, ergonomics
15.6.12 Manage buildings, equipment & materials
8.2.7 Leaders re-inforce ethical/legal corporate behaviour

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