Aim: To find and implement best practices to accelerate the service contracts process from an average of 210 days (2018) to 45 days (December 2019). Scope: All service contracts irrespective of their type, size & focus on reducing the time from when a tender is issued to the time suppliers receive assigned contract without compromising the quality of the process. As well as focused on the following: 1. Identify current processes used to complete service contracts (Manual + Repetitive) and f

BPIR Categories

13.1 Develop and manage supplier/customer partnerships
14.2.4 Conduct best practice/ process benchmarking
15.6.5 Purchasing/supplier & partner (lenders/regulators)
2.1.4 Assess new technology innovations
3.2.3 Develop&integrate technology/innovation into concept
5.2.1 Select suppliers/outsourced contractors
5.2.2 Work with suppliers/outsourced contractors
5.2.3 Purchase capital goods
5.2.4 Purchase materials & supplies
5.2.5 Acquire appropriate technology
6.2.1 Select suppliers/outsourced contractors
6.2.2 Work with suppliers/outsourced contractors
6.2.3 Purchase capital goods
6.2.4 Purchase materials & supplies
6.2.5 Acquire appropriate technology

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