Aim: To improve the process of qualifying and supporting Emirati entrepreneurs to start viable businesses. Scope: Entrepreneur’s Start-up Guidance and Support Service is one of the main services provided by Dubai SME. The service mainly targets Emirati entrepreneurs who register with Dubai SME. We are focusing on simplifying the process to ensure better outcomes. 1. Enhancing quality of service information 2. Enhancing Speed of Service Delivery 3. Develop a pre-assessment process to guide

BPIR Categories

1.1.1 Customer performance/satisfaction measurement
1.1.2 Develop customer interview/focus group approach
1.1.3 Design customer surveys
1.1.4 Conduct customer interviews/focus groups
1.1.5 Conduct customer surveys
1.3.2 Determine & provide customer contact mechanisms
14.2.4 Conduct best practice/ process benchmarking
15.2.1 Customer satisfaction, accolades, awards
15.2.4 Service performance e.g. quality/delivery/value
15.6.3 Design of products, services or processes
3.4.1 Design product/process/service enhancements
3.4.2 Eliminate outdated products/processes/services
6.3.2 Provide the service
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance
7.3.1 Respond to information requests
8.2.3 Leadership relationships with customers
8.2.4 Leadership relationships with suppliers and partners

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