Aim: The project aim was to design a one-year roadmap that will lead to an effective Cooperative Integrated System (CIS) between GDRFA’s Strategy, Innovation, PMO, Operations, and Excellence Departments in 2019 with full implementation achieved by December 2020. Scope: To focus on developing a Framework that collaborates all stakeholders in GDRFA, to link strategic objectives with Future insight, Innovation, project management, operations at the most efficient ways, through adopting int

BPIR Categories

14.2.4 Conduct best practice/ process benchmarking
14.3.5 Reengineer business processes & systems
14.3.6 Provide ideas management & innovation processes
15.6.13 Innovation, technology & flexibility
15.6.3 Design of products, services or processes
3.2.3 Develop&integrate technology/innovation into concept
3.4.1 Design product/process/service enhancements
3.4.2 Eliminate outdated products/processes/services
6.4.2 Implement systems for managing the service
6.4.3 Inspections, tests, process/performance audits
8.2.2 Create an environment for empowerment/innovation

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