Engineering Excellence (EE) @ Infosys. The Engineering Excellence (EE) Program is an enterprise-wide initiative. It has been implemented across 50+ mid to large-sized client programs. It is a collaborative initiative across Infosys business units to enhance client value, is transforming Infosys into a partner of choice with the unified implementation of Processes, Practices, Automation-Tools-Reuse. Listing major benefits that teams have experienced so far: • Product launch frequency up by 5

BPIR Categories

10.1.1 Derive info/KM requiremts from business strategies
10.1.2 Conduct specific info/KM needs assessments
10.1.3 Plan information/knowledge management systems.
10.1.4 Select information technologies
10.3.2 Establish quality standards and controls.
15.6.10 Information, knowledge management, & IT
3.1.1 Establish a design process
3.6.1 Manage product/process/service development
6.1.1 Plan key production & delivery processes

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