Value Creation Model for Pakistan’s Textile Industry. iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that creates and manages, entire value chain in performance textiles. iTextiles® was established in 2006 as a trading concern for fibres. The company has rapidly evolved to become a leading value chain manager in the region, representing some of the biggest international companies including INVISTA™, DuPont, The LYCRA Company, Eastmen, Kaneka, LUREX®, Tayho, The Dow Chemicals

BPIR Categories

1.1.6 Analyse customer data
1.1.7 Review customer listening & learning methods
1.2.3 Identify new innovations that meet customer needs
1.2.5 Predict customer purchasing behaviour
12.9 Implement sustainable business strategies
13.1 Develop and manage supplier/customer partnerships
15.1.1 Strategy success measures & performance indexes
15.2.3 Product performance e.g. quality/delivery/value
15.3.2 Market (business growth/new markets entered)
2.1.1 Analyse & understand competition
2.1.2 Identify economic/industry trends
2.1.4 Assess new technology innovations
2.1.9 Assessment of the internal/external environment
2.2.2 Select relevant markets
3.2.1 Translate customer needs into product requirements
3.2.3 Develop&integrate technology/innovation into concept
3.3.2 Develop prototypes/pilot schemes
4.1.1 Identify market segments & target customers
8.1.1 Leaders develop/manage org culture,vision&values
8.2.3 Leadership relationships with customers

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