Reducing Time from ER to Angioplasty saves lives in heart attack - A process improvement in a developing country. As a developing country, a lot can still be improved in our healthcare system to make sure the timely provision of specific care is delivered to patients. And in many cases, time is literally a measure of life and death. This is most exemplified in heart attack patients. A type of heart attack called ST-ELEVATION ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME (or STE-ACS), is characterized by sudden che

BPIR Categories

14.1.3 Set performance targets.
14.1.5 Analyse performance data.
14.2.3 Benchmark performance measures against competitors
15.2.4 Service performance e.g. quality/delivery/value
15.6.7 Production (produce service) processes
2.3.1 Identify, plan & map key processes
5.5.3 Improve process/product performance
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance

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