Sustaining business excellence through unit scoreboards as a consistent execution mechanism for increased individual performance and breakthrough results over 10 years. In a 3-5 year Corporate Strategy Plan, hospital-wide implementation is a challenge. The impact may not happen as projected or the strategic direction may not be attained because of gaps in cascading within the different units/ divisions. The best practice is to require each department/division to have a Unit scoreboard. This will

BPIR Categories

14.1.1 Design & deploy performance measurement system
14.1.3 Set performance targets.
14.1.6 Communicate and use analysis findings
14.1.7 Review/evaluate performance measurement system.
14.3.2 Implement an improvement approach/method/technique
14.3.3 Implement an org-wide continuous improvemnt program
15.1.1 Strategy success measures & performance indexes
2.2.1 Obtain stakeholder input into strategy formulation
2.2.4 Formulate and review business unit strategy
2.5.1 Communicate policies & strategies
2.5.2 Develop & set organisational goals
2.5.3 Develop and deploy action plans & projects
2.5.4 Identify and manage risks
2.5.5 Ensure business continuity
8.2.5 Leaders review org performance/capabilities
8.2.6 Leaders establish/improve the management system

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