Internal Procedure for Selecting Root Cause Analysis Method SGPD came up with an innovative solution to facilitate and streamline the selection of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) method. This innovative tool uses the outcome of the Qualitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in combination with a simple decision flowchart (tree) to determine the most appropriate RCA technique. For a better explanation, kindly refer to the below pictures. In the first step, the team will determine the severity of the incid

BPIR Categories

3.2.6 Review and improve design process
3.4.1 Design product/process/service enhancements
3.4.2 Eliminate outdated products/processes/services
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance
14.3.2 Implement an improvement approach/method/technique
15.6.15 Continuous improvement & general measures

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