CONSTIPATION NO MORE: An implementation of a Nurse-Led Bowel Management Protocol to improve patient outcomes. Tawam Hospital is a 461 bed tertiary care facility located in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. In surgical units, we receive patients who undergo major hip and knee arthroplasty, and most of them develop constipation. Research articles say that 65% of joint arthroplasty patients experience some degree of postoperative constipation due to decreased mobility, opioid administration, inadequate

BPIR Categories

14.3.2 Implement an improvement approach/method/technique
3.3.2 Develop prototypes/pilot schemes
3.4.1 Design product/process/service enhancements
3.5.1 Test effectiveness of new/revised products/process
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance
6.4.3 Inspections, tests, process/performance audits

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