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Recently, Bain & Company, a leading business management consultancy company, revealed the most popular 10 tools from its Management Tools and Trends Survey for 2011. This year the most popular tool to improve business performance was Benchmarking. Benchmarking has consistently been in the top 5 tools since 1993 and no. 1 tool since 2008.

Being no. 1 since 2008 means that whilst the world economy was suffering from a global recession executives and businesses selected benchmarking as their tool to overcome recession symptoms.

To conduct informal or formal benchmarking projects organisations need to rely on a source of information that is trustworthy and enables organisations to quickly learn from best practices.  We believe that the serves this need.  For any given process there are performance measures, benchmarks, best practices, self-assessment tools, expert opinions, articles, case studies and more available to guide you through any improvement project. Plus, if you want further information, new contacts, benchmarking partners or assistance then network with 1000's of other members – read their profiles, the improvement tools they use, their best practices and contact them. Why not visit our membership plans and start benchmarking today!

To ensure your benchmarking projects are successful and breakthrough improvements are obtained why not get certified training on benchmarking? For information on certified training courses click here.

Ahmed Abbas

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