BPR_employee HappinessEvidence from decades of research has shown that improving happiness in the work­place delivers significant increases in profit, productivity, and innovation; it also leads to substantial cost savings.Happier workers are healthier, more effective team players, and provide better customer service. Happier businesses attract top talent, and are more likely to retain their best workers.

This excellent report outlines the best practices research undertaken by BPIR.com in the area of employee happiness. The best practices have been compiled under seven main headings. This new layout is designed to enable you to scan subjects that are of interest to you and your organisation, quickly assess their importance, and download relevant information for further study or to share with your colleagues.

  1. What is “employee happiness”?
  2. Which organisations have received recognition for achieving high levels of employee happiness?
  3. How have organisations reached high levels of employee happiness?
  4. What research has been undertaken into employee happiness?
  5. What tools and methods are used to achieve employee happiness?
  6. How is employee happiness measured?
  7. What do business leaders say about performance happiness?

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