Summary of Best Practices

The following is a summary of the best practices and/or insights relating to the collaborative tools and methodologies described in this Best Practice Report:

  1. Make use of technology and communication systems to collaborate widely and globally.
  2. Identify specific business relationships that can deliver benefits from collaboration by identifying key points of interdependence and measuring against the levels of collaboration required.
  3. Generate more ideas when brainstorming by providing a clear framework of rules, and enable teams to be more creative by focusing on quantity instead of quality.
  4. When collaborating with disparate groups, engender success by providing value for all participants, and demonstrate good leadership by clarifying expectations, building consensus and reducing conflict.
  5. Recognise that for collaborative groups, such as improvement teams which meet face to face, it is easier to get all team members to contribute ideas than for electronically-based voluntary forums, which typically have one or two main contributors. Specific strategies and recognition processes need to be put in place to have effective voluntary forums.
  6. Use crowdsourcing to develop new products, determine their popularity using voting systems, and assess product commercial viability from the feedback received.
  7. Use cloud computing services to collaborate with clients and manage their real time data on a day-to-day basis.
  8. Improve the effectiveness of video conferences by eliminating distractions, setting up appropriate environments, employing natural and purposeful eye contact, and using all available tools to ensure audiences are meaningfully engaged.
  9. Use carefully crafted questioning techniques in group discussions to help define, analyse and propose solutions for organisational problems.

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