While there are many different approaches to building a successful organisation, there are usually two common ingredients: a strong culture of excellence, and a system to enable and manage change effectively. These two ingredients often involve the following elements:

  • An environment to enable your mission to succeed and improve organisational and leadership performance, organisational learning, as well as learning for the workforce.
  • A workforce culture that delivers a consistently positive customer experience and fosters customer engagement.
  • An environment to enable innovation and intelligent risk taking, the achievement of your strategic objectives, and organisational agility.
  • Active participation in succession planning and the development of future organisational leaders.

In This Report:

  1. what does building a successful organisation mean?
  2. which organisations have received recognition for being ‘a successful organisation’?
  3. how have leaders built a highly successful organisation?
  4. what research has been undertaken into how to build a successful organisation?
  5. what tools and methods are used to build highly successful organisations?
  6. how can a successful organisation be measured?
  7. what do business leaders say about building a successful organisation?
  8. conclusion

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