Summary of Best Practices

The following is a summary of the best practices and/or insights relating to excellence in education.

  1. Create a high-level strategic plan using input from all stakeholders. Make sure to include management, staff, parents, and the local community to address the key components leading to excellence in education, i.e. teaching and learning, technology, community engagement, workforce engagement and development, and facilities and operations.
  2. Use balanced scorecards and performance dashboards to report on key performance measures and highlight progress in student learning, day-to-day process improvements, and organisational performance changes.
  3. Develop Professional Learning Communities to encourage strong organisational learning, share job embedded knowledge, and facilitate daily problem solving.
  4. Enhance knowledge sharing by using school management software and websites to capture, manage and share knowledge widely and in a timely manner.
  5. Guide students to develop excellent technological proficiency that demonstrates high levels of creativity, research skills and communication skills.
  6. Develop organisational alignment by helping employees see how their role complements the school vision, mission and values; align staff performance goals with departmental action plans throughout the school.
  7. Measure and address the key elements that influence staff motivation and engagement, for example leadership, workplace communication, work environment, resources, involvement, and compensation/benefits.
  8. Seek the collective wisdom of school leadership to determine the most supportive environment for providing personalised learning for every student.
  9. Encourage collaborative leadership at all levels to create a transformational environment and generate sustained improvement with a lasting impact on the school’s culture.
  10. Assist new students by (a) ensuring they interact regularly with staff, faculty and other students; (b) establishing peer mentoring programmes; (c) providing authentic real-world learning experiences that encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

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