Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM) are methods used to manage and improve business processes by examining, and modifying, the costs of the activities contributing to the production and delivery of a particular product or service.

BPIR Categories

14.1.1 Design & deploy performance measurement system
14.1.5 Analyse performance data.
15.6.12 Manage buildings, equipment & materials
15.6.6 Production (produce product) processes
15.6.7 Production (produce service) processes
2.3.1 Identify, plan & map key processes
3.1.1 Establish a design process
3.2.4 Develop design plans
3.3.1 Obtain necessary materials & equipment
3.5.1 Test effectiveness of new/revised products/process
5.1.1 Plan key production & delivery processes
5.3.1 Develop & adjust production delivery process
5.5.3 Improve process/product performance
5.5.6 Inspections, tests, process/performance audits
6.1.1 Plan key production & delivery processes
6.3.1 Identify/schedule resources for service requiremnt
6.4.3 Inspections, tests, process/performance audits
7.1.1 Develop, deliver, & maintain customer billing
9.3.1 Plan & forecast workforce requirements
9.3.4 Create & deploy teams

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