Customer Profitability Management (CPM) focuses upon an organisation’s most profitable customers/products; and by nurturing these, aims to maximise long-term returns. Customer profitability management impacts upon customer relationship management, product promotion, pricing, and billing and incorporates a high degree of customer behaviour modelling and analysis in a desire to make more informed customer service decisions.

BPIR Categories

1.1.6 Analyse customer data
1.1.7 Review customer listening & learning methods
1.2.5 Predict customer purchasing behaviour
1.3.1 Build customer relationships
15.2.2 Customer retention/referral/relationship building
15.6.4 Market, selling & invoicing processes
4.2.1 Manage sales & sell products & services
4.3.1 Accept orders & maintain customer accounts
7.1.1 Develop, deliver, & maintain customer billing

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