What exactly does “employee happiness” mean? Happiness at work is a mindset, which enables employees to maximise their performance and achieve their potential. An important part of this happiness is the emotional commitment or engagement that employees develop towards a company, its values, and its mission.

BPIR Categories

15.4.1 Employee satisfaction/dissatisfaction
15.4.3 Work org/job classification/teams/communication
15.4.4 Employee performance management/recognition
15.4.6 Work environment, health, safety, ergonomics
8.2.1 Leaders communicate with employees
9.10.2 Analyse the impact of rewards/training/well-being
9.3.4 Create & deploy teams
9.6.1 Survey/assess employee satisfaction/morale
9.6.2 Manage employee satisfaction
9.7.1 Encourage employee involvement and feedback
9.7.2 Provide mechanisms for internal communication

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