Employee motivation refers to the factors that energize, direct and sustain employee behaviour.

BPIR Categories

15.4.1 Employee satisfaction/dissatisfaction
15.4.2 Employee development & training
15.4.5 Employee recruitment, retention, succession plans
15.4.7 Employee efficiency/productivity performance
8.2.2 Create an environment for empowerment/innovation
9.1.1 Identify strategic demands on human resources
9.10.1 Retain human capital
9.2.1 Analyse, design, or redesign work
9.3.1 Plan & forecast workforce requirements
9.3.4 Create & deploy teams
9.3.5 Relocate employees
9.5.5 Manage reward & recognition programs
9.6.2 Manage employee satisfaction
9.6.3 Develop work & family work/life support systems
9.7.2 Provide mechanisms for internal communication

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