Strategic foresight refers to the discipline of intelligence gathering, predicting alternative futures, and preparing for them. Today’s business world is increasingly uncontrolled and dynamic. Organisations need to have a good understanding of the overall macro-environment – i.e. the economy as a whole – so they can anticipate risks and threats, as well as explore megatrends, markets, and product and service demands. The purpose of strategic foresight is to develop a vision and cohesive, s

BPIR Categories

13.8 Manage legal and ethical issues
13.9 Anticipate public concerns
14.3.1 Create commitment for improvement
14.3.7 Manage transition to change
15.6.2 Strategy development & deployment
2.1.1 Analyse & understand competition
2.1.2 Identify economic/industry trends
2.1.3 Identify political & regulatory issues
2.1.6 Identify social & cultural changes
2.1.7 Understand ecological concerns
2.1.8 Understand the internal environment/performance
2.1.9 Assessment of the internal/external environment
2.2.4 Formulate and review business unit strategy
2.2.5 Integrate future foresight scenarios into strategy
8.1.1 Leaders develop/manage org culture,vision&values
8.2.5 Leaders review org performance/capabilities
8.2.6 Leaders establish/improve the management system

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