Defining “the arts” is a daunting task. It can refer to an expression of creative skill, imagination or value, which is usually presented in a visual form such as painting or an auditory form such as music. When these expressions interact with people, they create culture. This shapes many things about the human experience, including our beliefs and values, our attitudes and meanings, and our history and heritage. The arts and culture sector may include literature, the visual arts, dance, mus

BPIR Categories

15.4.2 Employee development & training
9.10.2 Analyse the impact of rewards/training/well-being
9.4.1 Align employee & organisation development needs
9.4.2 Develop education and training programs.
9.4.3 Deliver education and training
9.4.4 Develop & manage employee orientation programs
9.4.5 Develop functional/process competencies
9.4.6 Develop management/leadership competencies
9.4.7 Develop team competencies
9.4.8 Reinforce use of knowledge and skills on the job
9.4.9 Assess individual/team training needs

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