A vehicle fleet is a group of vehicles used by an organisation for the purposes of work. These vehicles are usually owned or leased by a business (for example, a car rental or bus company) or government entity (for example, a municipal utilities department or the police or fire service). They can include cars, utility vehicles, motorcycles, heavy and industrial-use vehicles, trailers, as well as all forms of aircraft and boats. While vehicle fleet maintenance may appear technical, its primary fo

BPIR Categories

14.3.1 Create commitment for improvement
14.3.2 Implement an improvement approach/method/technique
15.5.4 Activities to assist in resource preservation
5.2.1 Select suppliers/outsourced contractors
5.2.2 Work with suppliers/outsourced contractors
6.3.1 Identify/schedule resources for service requiremnt
9.1.3 Develop human resource strategy
9.2.1 Analyse, design, or redesign work
9.2.2 Define & align work outputs & metrics
9.2.4 Communicate objectives/goals & metrics
9.3.1 Plan & forecast workforce requirements
9.3.2 Develop succession & career plans
9.3.6 Restructure & rightsize workforce
9.4.7 Develop team competencies
9.4.8 Reinforce use of knowledge and skills on the job
9.5.1 Develop performance management approach
9.6.5 Manage workplace cleanliness, health & safety
9.7.2 Provide mechanisms for internal communication

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