BN Valores qualified for the final of the 8th International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) and in that third round it won 6 stars for its strategy execution practice. The rigorous competition encourages companies around the world to share their best practices, processes, systems, and operational and management initiatives, and to learn from each other’s experience.

BN Values in the competition
In the qualifying round of this competition, 62 organisations participated and were able to pass the initial criteria best practice acceptance. From the 62 organisations, there were 5 (including BN Valores) from Costa Rica. In its category, on June 15, BN Valores competed against four organisations the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, and qualified for the finals.
INTEL Costa Rica and COOPELESCA also were among the qualified for the finals, as well as 11 more organisations from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore and India. On July 21, BN Valores competed with 13 finalists from all categories, and obtained 6 stars recognition, “International Best Practice (Outstanding)”

We are very proud to belong to a world-class company, something that we could have achieved only with the dedication and effort of our people.
The Strategy Execution System is the main and most comprehensive process that any company has, and having achieved this recognition is an enormous satisfaction for our Board of Directors, our Executive Team, our Team Leaders, for all our workers and for our customers, since it highlights the good work that has been done to align the entire organization in achieving our business objectives and satisfying the needs of our customers”, said Mr. Melvin Garita, General Manager of BN Valores.

Others awards
In 2020 BN Valores won:

  • National Award for Excellence from the Costa Rican Chamber of Industries (CICR).
  • Award for Excellence in 5 practices (Leadership and Strategic Planning, Clients and Markets, Human Talent, Processes, Innovation and Technology), hence it was invited to participate through the ICRC, as promoter of this contest, due to its outstanding business management system.

Additionally, he has won the following awards:

  • Best Place to Work in Costa Rica 2021.
  • Best Place to Work for Women in Costa Rica, among national companies 2021, awarded by the Best Place to Work Institute.

Why did BN Valores participate?
All our workers are very clear that the best practices represent the most efficient or prudent course of action to deal with the different business situations that we experience on a daily basis, hence there is an internal commitment to manage our company in accordance with them.
Participating in this competition also allows us as an organisation to learn about what other top-tier organisations are doing, allowing us to continue to improve our practices.

The dynamic environment in which our companies are developed demands ever higher levels of organizational excellence, that is why the best practices serve as a roadmap to do sustainable business”.
Participating in this competition allows us to be at the forefront, improve and have objective and internationally accepted criteria on the level of maturity of our Strategy Execution System“, said Emmanuel Torres, Head of Organizational Excellence at BN Valores.

About the company
BN Valores Puesto de Bolsa is a company 100% owned by Banco Nacional. Its main activities are Stock Brokerage, Investment Advisory and Asset Management. Since its foundation, BN Valores has contributed to the development of the stock market, being one of the most active participants in the national stock market. His management is highly recognized by the industry.

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