Students Quality Circles or SQCs in short, are basically miniature level activities of what the Japanese Quality Control Circles (QCCs) are in the corporate world. These activities prepare students for the Quality mindset from the very early age, thus engraving their per-sonalities with Quality. SQC is an innovative concept and practice used as a part of schools’ or colleges’ co-curricular activities since mid-nineties in many countries of Asian sub-continent. The objective of SQCs program is to develop and prepare students for the corporate world as well as for a quality living in the society. A research study was carried out by the authors in schools in 2020 where SQCs were practiced to find out the effectiveness of this program. The objective of this book is to explain the SQC concept, benefits and its application in schools with the help of findings of a national survey.
The book explains the origin of this concept and the differences in the practices of QCCs in the corporate world versus SQCs in the schools. It discusses how effectively students are practicing SQCs and how effectively they are implemented and managed by schools and colleges. Critical success and failure factors of this program are identified and highlighted.

The book provides practical guidelines to educationists and management of schools, colleges and universities who want to initiate or improve their existing program. The book identifies the strength of this unique and innovative program in building a society towards world-class quality. The authors strongly recommend this non-traditional but powerful program to be implemented in schools, colleges and universities in all countries. It is hoped that this book will benefit educational institutions in different countries to further improve Quality mindset in their societies through this program.

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About the authers:

Dr. Kamran Moosa is the Chief Executive of PIQC Institute of Quality, Pakistan. He is a member of International Academy for Quality and Quality in Education Think Tank (QiETT). He is the recipient of Ishikawa-Kano Silver Medal of 2020 by Asian Network for Quality (ANQ). He was the founding Chairman of Quality & Productivity Society of Pakistan and a senior member of American Society for Quality (ASQ). He is an author of four books on Quality Management.

Abdul Wahid Mir is the Principal of Modernage Public School and College – Abbottabad and Director General of EQUIP – Pakistan, which is a non-profit organization for promoting Students Quality Circles in the country. He is an educationist and also involved in teachers training and development programs.

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