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February – 2014
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Hi,A Happy and successful new year in 2014 from the BPIR team!  Welcome to February’s edition of the BPIR Newsletter. sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events.

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Collaborative Tools and Methodologies

Collaboration forms a significant part of our daily lives; it is also an indispensable component for organisations in the complex, rapidly changing world of business operations. Collaborative tools have become widely available on the Internet; these tools can be particularly powerful when used to develop and harness business relationships on a global level. read more.(Non-members of the BPIR can read the newsletter but will be unable to access some of the links).

Upcoming Events
Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair, Ottawa 4 Feb.  Organiser: Excellence Canada.Business Excellence Briefings, Singapore 17 Feb. Organiser: SPRING Singapore.Internal Auditing Adelaide, 24 – 25 Feb.Organiser: Australian Organisation for Quality (South Australia).

Certificate in Business Excellence, Wellington 11 Mar. Organiser: New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation

Benchmarking for Excellence, 
Singapore 13 – 14 Mar., Subang – Malaysia 15 -16 Apr.

** See BPIR Events Calendar for more

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills – Tips to become a better communicator.  ….read more
  • How much effort do you put into your work? – Above-average people will actually display above-average effort in almost all of their behaviours and interactions with you – they don’t turn effort on and off.  ….read more
  • Lessons in quality and innovation – Excerpt from a mentor chat with Suresh Lulla about his views on quality and innovation.  ….read more
  • Rudolf the “Read-Knows” Changer – Once upon a time there was a City employee named Karen Rudolf. ….read more
  • Free ebook: How Leaders Solve Problems – ebook that brings to you some fascinating fables of vision, change, innovation and problem solving by leaders. ….read more
  • Lean six-sigma brings dramatic improvements to crime lab – How Munroe County Crime Laboratory improved their performance by 30%. ….read more

Spotlight on Events
Business Excellence Awards Winners Sharing, 27 March 2014,
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore
Hear from Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd, Qian Hu Corporation, Biosensors Interventional Technologies Pte Ltd and other Business Excellence Award winners about their success stories in the Business Excellence Awards Winners Sharing on 27 March 2014.These organisations share the common attributes of being people and customer centric, with a leadership that invests in innovation and capabilities for future growth. These attributes have enabled the organisations to benefit from productivity improvements, greater staff and customer engagement and superior results for their organisations.

Click here for the programme and to register.

Benchmarking for Excellence Workshop, 13/14 March 2014, Singapore
Is your organization applying best practices? Since 2007, when TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking was selected by the Civil Service College as the preferred benchmarking methodology, 100’s of Singapore organizations’ have applied TRADE to improve performance in areas such as productivity, employee morale, customer satisfaction and cycle time.   The workshop will be led by TRADE founder, Dr Robin Mann. Click here for information on this workshop and others planned in Malaysia, UAE, and New Zealand.  

Spotlight on Self-Assessment

Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 70 to assess all aspects of your organisation from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:


  • Project Management – This checklist helps to assess how the rigor or an organisation’s approach to Project Management..…read more
  • Is your Organisation in an Innovation Rut? This self-assessment tool is a brief test that helps you measure the current state of innovation at your organization. By completing it, you will be able to find out whether your organization is in an “innovation rut”. ….read more
  • Supply Chain Management – This self-assessment tool will help you to assess your current stage of Supply Chain Management (SCM) maturity and plan how to move to higher levels of maturity. .…read more

Featured Publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 790 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the titles from the “Engineering” category (one of 23 categories):
– Engineer
– Industrial Engineer
– Petroleum Economist
– UMTRI Research Review
– Manufacturing Engineering
– Engineering Management Journal
Members read the latest issues – non members see available titles

Best Practice Case Studies

Read one of our best practice case studies:

Collaboration software helps protect knowledge
Knowledge is perhaps one of the most important assets that an organization possesses. Rather than attempting to capture and collate all of the information held by an organisation, collaboration tools have been developed that enable personnel to both interact with one another and to locate specific knowledge of interest. The Shaw Group needed to protect the knowledge held by its engineers and therefore turned to a proprietary web-based tool which provided access to more than 21,000 reference works that engineers could use to search for relevant data. The engineers were also able to use the system for sharing information locally and to collaborate with employees working in different geographic regions. The system ensured that everyone had access to the same information, and it enabled users to create their own personal knowledge management systems which could be saved for future reference both by themselves and by their colleagues…..…. read more

Lean Six Sigma aims at zero errors
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CMC) aimed at zero errors for its Lean Six Sigma projects even when considered not theoretically possible. They likened their “zero errors” philosophy to designing a jet aircraft where anything less was is not acceptable. The following outline CMS’s successes:
1.) Hand Washing compliance rates rose from 66 percent to 95 percent in 18 months and currently remained steady at 98 percent.
2.) Surgical Site Infection rates fell from 15.5 to less than 5 per 100 procedures.
3.) Readmissions – 30-day all-cause readmission rates among heart failure patients was reduced by more than 50 percent within eight months.
4.) Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) rates fell over a 10 month period to five incidences out of 9,580 ventilator days – zero VAP cases occurred anywhere at CMS for six of those 10 months. This rate was more than 70 percent below the average for similar hospitals in the National Healthcare Safety Network….
…. read mor

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