Best Practice Report: Performance Management Systems for Emergency Service?

Emergency and rescue services are organisations tasked with responding to various emergencies and ensuring public safety and health. Three primary emergency services can be summoned directly by the public: police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS), which are also called ambulance services or paramedic services. This report will focus on how corporate performance management (CPM) principles can be applied to these emergency services to promote world-class delivery of care and optimal outcomes for the public.?


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NZBEF Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 19-20 Mar 2019

Come and join us at this two-day conference where we will celebrate all things to do with performance excellence, business excellence, continuous improvement, and measurement.

Learn how to take your organisation to the next level by increasing your organisational performance with a strong focus on your leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, analysis & knowledge management, workforce, operations, and results.

We have a great line-up of local and international speakers. The conference will be held at the Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, Mt Wellington, Auckland. You can register for the conference here and more NZBEF Conference information can be found at the conference website here. Please share details of the conference with others as we want a good turnout.


Launch of the 3rd Cycle of Dubai We Learn


Over the next 2 weeks, 11 project teams representing 10 government entities will have started the 3rd Cycle of Dubai We Learn Excellence Maker’s Projects. These projects will help the government entities make dramatic and breakthrough improvements in their processes and systems through learning from best practices.

The government entities represented in this round are DEWA, Dubai Land, Dubai Health Authority, GDRFA, Community Development Authority, RTA, Dubai Police, DCAS, Dubai Municipality and The Executive Council.



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Employee recognition via spontaneous celebrations

To celebrate employee success, Typeform, a Spanish online software service company, drew on a kind of internal play book with a list of values and guiding attributes. One of the things on the list was to `celebrate with spontaneous applause. Whenever someone did something noteworthy, however big or small, anyone could start a round of applause. The whole office joined in. Whilst most people would have no idea why they were applauding, the person receiving the applause did. The tradition provided a well-appreciated momentary break for celebration.



Yearly events drive goal deployment at technology manufacturer

Two annual events at Bosch Rodez, France, a technology manufacturer, drove strategy and policy deployment. 1) The Town Hall meeting brought all associates together to discuss: the automotive environment; the Bosch Group situation; previous year’s results; and coming challenges. Following the 2017 meeting, 89% of associates understood the strategic challenges, 86% knew how they could contribute to achievement of strategic goals and 87% were ready to tackle the 2017 challenges. 2) DDO flyers, handed out individually to each associate, had a standardised format that outlined the plant`s strategy and gave the department`s objectives and priorities for the year to come. The deployment was then followed by the annual global performance dialogue (GPD). The Bosch Rodez strategy and policy deployment process was an EFQM 2017 Prize winner, and was recognised as best practice by the 2015 EEA best practice Award , and by the French Senate, with the “Aveyron des Champions” Trophy.

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