Best Practice Report: Leadership: Vision, Mission, and Values

This our first Best Practice Report of the Business Excellence Series consisting of more than 30 reports. Each report focuses on a criteria item of internationally recognised Business Excellence Models. Together all the reports will provide a blueprint of how to become a world-class organisation. The first report of six on leadership provides best practices on "Vision, Mission, and Values".

Vision is where an organisation wants to go: it describes the targeted successful state for an organisation. An organisational vision should be challenging and inspirational to its employees and stakeholders. A vision statement usually presents an ideal in the longer rather than in the shorter term. Mission is what an organisation is here to deliver. It is the reason for its existence and supports the attainment of the vision. Values are the guiding principles of the organisation. It gives employees a moral compass, a set of ideals, and a standard of behaviour expected in the organisation. Together, the vision, mission, and values communicate an organisation’s philosophy. They set the direction and the purpose, and show what the organisation cares about in its journey towards fulfilling its vision.


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Leadership practices at a municipally owned electric utility

To build an effective workforce environment and engage employees, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) a US electric utility, empowered employees to make decisions to improve its products and services, in part by testing ideas and improving work processes. The company established a `storytelling” technique and stories were told to train employees, promote ethical behaviour and build understanding of BTES practices. BTES involved employees in developing its mission statement and vision statement, and the Continuous Improvement Team, revamped processes to recruit and hire employees who could work for the company for the long term. BTES achieved a retention rate of 100%, far exceeding the national industry average of 82% and industry benchmark of 91%. 75% of employees had perfect attendance, compared to a national industry average of about 20%. BTES was a 2017 Baldrige National Quality Award recipient.



Leadership system at an award winning faith-based healthcare provider

The mission, vision and values of Adventist Health Castle (AHC), a US healthcare provider, drove its leadership system. The system incorporated concepts from the Baldrige Excellence Framework and depended on an integrated strategy and leadership structure of five key teams – the Patient Experience Team, the Playbook Team, the People Team, the Operations Council, and the Improvement Council – all of which reported to the President`s Council. AHC`s Strategic Planning Playbook was aligned with that of its parent organization Adventist Health and was cascaded to all AHC leaders through measurable goals to which they are held accountable through use of an evaluation management tool. The strategy was also cascaded to staff members, through practices such as regular leadership rounding and `Top 5 Boards` that are displayed in staff-only areas to highlight the latest goals as daily reminders. AHC was a 2017 Baldrige Award recipient.

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