Best Practice Report: Self-Managed Teams and Holacracy

Self-managed teams are groups of employees who work with minimum supervision. Whereas in a hierarchical organisation employees have to report to managers, self-managed teams are responsible for handling various assignments, solving problems, and making decisions. Holacracy is one of the more recent systems of structuring self-managed teams within an organisation. When fully adopted, there is no conventional management hierarchy; instead, power is fully distributed, giving individuals and teams the freedom to self-manage while staying aligned to the organisation’s core purpose. Holacracy favours small teams, called circles, with team members holding a number of different roles depending on the assignment. These circles self-organise, make rapid consensus-based decisions, and have the flexibility to adjust roles and solutions effectively to meet organisational goals.

Last Month’s Best Practice Reports:

Customs, Vehicle Fleet Maintenance and Management, and Think Tanks


Customs: The movement of goods is controlled by a government department, agency, service or authority called customs. In general, a customs department decides what can or cannot enter or leave a country, how much should be paid in terms of duty (tax) for that to happen, and prevents the illegal import and export of banned or dangerous goods…. Read the report

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance and Management: Fleet management encompasses fleet maintenance, and aims to develop strategies to maximise the life span of a fleet of vehicles. It also governs driver behaviour. Most fleet managers use fleet maintenance or management software to track driver activity, vehicle maintenance details, and to determine ways to optimise their use…. Read the report

Think Tanks: Think tanks are defined as organisations that engage in the business of public policy. They research, analyse, and produce opinions on every imaginable topic in order to advise and inform public policy makers and those who think about public policy…. Read the report

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A Strategic Health Management System wins International Best Practice Award

The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., (BPCL), implemented an Employee Health Management System (EHMS) in 2009. Employee Registration, Treatment, Investigations, Health Check-up and Analysis were all via the EHMS. Employees were sent reminder emails regarding Health check-ups one month in advance; repeated mails were sent if employees did not attend the follow-up. In event of non-compliance, an email is escalated to the next highest level of management. Employees could access their heath check-up records (Wellness Index Score) online. Employee satisfaction and motivation to improve individual Wellness Index Scores both increased. The link takes you to BCPL’s video presentation of the EHMS at the 5th International Best Practice Competition. BCPL was the winner of the 5th International Best Practice Competition in 2017.


Diabetes prevention health campaign recognised internationally

In 2012, Max Bupa, an Indian Health Insurance Carrier, rolled out a first of its kind health initiative – The Max Bupa Walk for Health with ‘Walk India Walk’ as the core theme. The initiative reinforced the message on prioritising health before health insurance to a wider audience. In its first season the concept was awarded the Innovation in Marketing Award by the All India Management Association, 2013. In the second season it was recognised as The Best Healthcare Campaign of the Year, by India Healthcare Leadership Awards, 2014. The third edition was recognised as the Best CSR Initiative of the Year, at the Loyalty Awards, 2015. The fourth edition was awarded the Pitch Top 50 Brands title. In 2017 Max Bupa Walk for Health was a qualifier at the International Best Practice Competition. The link takes you to Max Bupa’s 5th International Best Practice Competition video presentation.

Do you know that in there are more than 90 self-assessments? and increasing…

BPIR Tip of the Month – Self-assessment tools and surveys


You may like to assess the performance of a functional area, business practice or approach (such as your marketing or your performance measurement Self-assessment tools and surveys in, or the performance of your whole organisation. Undertake the assessment and then use the other resource to provide ideas and best practices to address your opportunities for improvement.

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