Best Practice Report: Benchmarking

This report outlines the best practices research undertaken by in Best Practice Benchmarking. The best practices have been compiled under seven main headings. This layout is designed to enable you to scan subjects that are of interest to you and your organisation, quickly assess their importance, and download relevant information for further study or to share with your colleagues.

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Must-attend event: The Global Organisational Excellence Congress, 10-12 December 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE


This is going to be an event that gets you excited with a big WOW!

The Abu Dhabi International Centre for Organisational Excellence of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry has brought together a number of prestigious international conferences/events into one major event. The Global Organisational Excellence Congress brings together:

24th Asia Pacific Quality Organisation International Conference

  • ACE Team Awards Competition 2018
  • 18th Global Performance Excellence Award

12th International Benchmarking Conference

  • 6th Global Benchmarking Awards

6th International Best Practice Competition

  • 2nd Organisation-wide Innovation Award

Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award’s Best Practice Sharing Conference

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Employee engagement initiative pays dividends
Redundancies and leadership changes at Alcoa Power and Propulsion, a UK manufacturer, led to changed perceptions from employees and externally and Engagement survey returns dropped significantly. A decision was made to rebuild Alcoa’s ’employer of choice’ status from the ground up, with the managers and supervisors leading the change. Managers undertook personal development to stretch and challenge their leadership; A suggestion scheme was introduced; Community initiatives targeted postcodes where employees lived were reintroduced with wellbeing initiatives like a SunSafe campaign, smoking cessation programme and cycling proficiency training for employee’s children. The results were impressive: Staff turnover reduced from 22% in 2010, to less than 1% in 2013, on-time delivery increased from 46.7% in 2009 to 96%, and labour productivity increased by 10% year on year. Alcoa won the CIPD People Management “best employee engagement initiative” award in 2013 and the Large Employer of the Year in the South West region Award at the National Apprentice Awards 2014.

Do you know that in you can navigate the databases through a choice of 5 business excellence models?


Knowledge sharing improvement project uses TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking
In 2016 a Dubai Public Prosecution project was selected for inclusion in the Dubai Government Excellence Programme. The project title was “Implementing Judicial Knowledge Management” and the aim was to identify and implement best practices in the transfer of Judicial Knowledge. Benchmarking team members were trained on the TRADE and awarded the TRADE Benchmarking Proficiency Certificate by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research in October 2016. To identify best practices, the Benchmarking Team visited four Dubai organisations and contacted the Singapore State Court and exchanged best practice Knowledge Management practices. The team also analysed a conference paper presented by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada and reviewed desktop research undertaken by COER. This approach identified 30 best practice ideas, 5 were selected for implementation and key implementation actions and dates were determined. Among achievements recorded in the first year were greater sharing of knowledge, productivity gains and more accurate decisions.

BPIR Tip of the Month – Business Excellence Models


This area of the web-site allows users to navigate the databases through a choice of business excellence models (Malcolm Baldrige Model, EFQM Excellence Model, Singapore Quality Award Model, Canadian Framework for Business Excellence, and an overview generic model). Navigation via the models can be used to look at specific categories that correspond to areas within their organisation that have been identified as in need of improvement, or to specific areas of personal interest. Using the model categories to navigate will quickly and effectively lead the user to the information we have researched so far in relation to the areas in question.

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