Book Launch – Celebrating 11 Benchmarking Success Stories from the 2nd Cycle of Dubai We Learn

Continuing with its legacy of fostering excellence and imbibing a culture of organisational learning within the Government of Dubai, the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) in co-operation with the Center for Organizational Excellence Research (COER), New Zealand completed the 2nd Cycle of the Dubai We Learn Excellence Makers Program in 2018. Back then, 11 Dubai Government entities embarked on a journey towards new horizons, which enabled them to be more resilient and agile in experimenting with and adopting efficacious strategies and best practices from around the world.

Today, DGEP and COER are delighted to announce the release of their 2nd book together describing the 11 success stories and describing how each project team used the TRADE Benchmarking Methodology. The book is titled, “Achieving Performance Excellence Through Benchmarking and Organisational Learning”.



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Employee Involvement at Baldrige award winner

The strategic planning process at Stellar Solutions, a US based provider of aerospace solutions, was grounded in its vision; identified critical customer needs; was aligned with employees’ dream jobs; was highly integrated through other key processes including employee development and individual incentive planning; and driven by employees to keep them engaged in the future success of Stellar. Part of ensuring a long-term planning focus was a questionnaire about employees’ perception of the work environment and potential opportunities or challenges. Employees answered these questions and shared responses at strategic plan meetings. Key strategic plan elements were determined at the meetings and Ideas from the meetings become the draft strategic plan for each sector. In alignment with specific goals in the strategic plan, individual incentive plans were used to evaluate employees. Stellar was a 2017 Baldrige Award Recipient.



Leadership System at award winning organ procurement organisation

Leaders at Donor Alliance (DA), a US non-profit organ procurement organisation, focussed on performance and action supported by a strong workforce culture that flowed from the Leadership System. The foundation of the Leadership System was DA’s Mission “Donor Alliance saves lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation.” DA’s vision of maximizing all donation opportunities was supported by the values of integrity, leadership, excellence, accountability, and people first. DA’s Core competencies of mission-driven and relationships provided the atmosphere where mission, vision, values interconnected with the workforce, key customers, stakeholders, and partners. The strategic direction was set by senior leaders and the Board of Directors in collaboration with leadership, and workforce strategies were developed, aligned, and deployed with ongoing evaluation that drove continual improvement. DA was a 2018 Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient.

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