Best Practice Report: Ideas Management System

This report outlines the best practices research undertaken by in the area of ideas management systems. The best practices have been compiled under seven main headings. This new layout is designed to enable you to scan subjects that are of interest to you and your organisation, quickly assess their importance, and download relevant information for further study or to share with your colleagues?.


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2nd call for entries: 

6th International Best Practice Competition & 2nd Organisation-wide Innovation Award


The  International Best Practice Competition encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams that have been responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices.

To submit your Best Practice please download an entry form. The second call for entries closes on 21st of September 2018 . Last year there were 65 entries with 28 qualifying to the Competition Event.

The 6th International Best Practice Competition will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 10-12 December 2018 as part of the  Global Organisational Excellence Congress courtesy of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

In addition, to the International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) organisations are encouraged to apply for IBPC’s  2nd Organisation-Wide Innovation Award. This award recognises organisations that have embraced best practice learning and combined this learning with their own ideas and creativity to become highly innovative. The award recognises organisations that excel in inculcating an innovation culture throughout all facets of their operation from the leadership to employees and covering all stakeholders leading to innovative processes, products and services. To submit your entry please download an entry form.


2nd call for entries: 

6th Global Benchmarking Awards


The  Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) launched the  Global Benchmarking Award in 2012 to recognise those organisations that had integrated benchmarking into their organisation’s strategy and processes in order to continuously learn and innovate.

To submit your entry please download an entry formThe second call for entries closes on 21st of September 2018 .

The 6th Global Benchmarking Award will be held in will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 10-12 December 2018 as part of the  Global Organisational Excellence Congress courtesy of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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Benchmarking project to improve maintenance practices

To improve tool control and maintenance Fonterra, a NZ Manufacturer of dairy products, undertook an external benchmarking project with an airline as a benchmarking partner. The purpose of the project was to observe the partner facilities and learn maintenance best practices using TRADE. Fonterra’s rapid benchmarking team visited the airline’s facilities and questioned their staff. The team learned lessons regarding health and safety standards, culture and values, maintenance operations and performance recording systems. A good number of lessons were learned and as a result of the benchmarking study Fonterra developed a new Operations and Quality Strategy that incorporated the learning from the airline. A whole range of practices were modified or introduced in the areas of health and safety, engagement measurement, values and culture, security and the intranet.

Do you know that in there are more than 900 expert opinions about improvement tools?? And increasing…


Business Excellence framework a roadmap for doing business every day

To achieve an increase in transplant numbers, the Centre for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), a US organ procurement organisation, began a performance excellence journey with Baldrige with the aims of: 1) Developing a process to identify key processes; 2 Developing a systematic method to evaluate key processes; 3) Transferring the new knowledge throughout the e organisation; 4) Creating a process for innovative and intelligent risk taking. The Baldrige framework became the roadmap for how CORE did business and CORE’s culture for building excellence. Knowledge of the framework was transferred to every level within the organisation. The focus on the key processes resulted in the increase in the number of organs, tissues, and corneas for transplantation, as a consequence. more lives were saved and enhanced. In 2017 became the first organ procurement organization to receive the Excellence Award from the Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE), its highest-level award.


BPIR Tip of the Month – Finding Expert Opinion about improvement tools


What you can do here? This growing collection stems, partly, from our monthly request specific Research services and represents valuable learning on a broad and growing range of subjects all of which are relevant to the implementation of particular tools, techniques, or approaches to management or improvement.

Articles and reports are hand-picked to help ensure that valuable insights and learning can be transferred.



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