Best Practice Report: Leadership: Building a Successful Organisation

While there are many different approaches to building a successful organisation, there are usually two common ingredients: a strong culture of excellence, and a system to enable and manage change effectively. These two ingredients often involve the following elements:

  • An environment to enable your mission to succeed and improve organisational and leadership performance, organisational learning, as well as learning for the workforce.
  • A workforce culture that delivers a consistently positive customer experience and fosters customer engagement.
  • An environment to enable innovation and intelligent risk taking, the achievement of your strategic objectives, and organisational agility.
  • Active participation in succession planning and the development of future organisational leaders.

Additional elements include leadership and planning; adopting an appropriate structure; open communications; ethical decision making; good supervision; and, motivation. Although the list is not exhaustive, it provides a good overview of what it takes for an organisation to be successful.


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Excellence Without Borders – Report Released for Public Use

The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research launched the project Excellence Without Border in July 2018. All the known Business Excellence (BE) custodians that had held a BE award between 2016-2019 were deemed eligible for participating in the project. From the 55 countries that met this condition, 26 countries participated with some countries having more one BE custodian participating. 10 countries also participated in validating the survey; improving its wording and language.

This helped to make the terminologies more relevant to the different participants for example the ones that follow EFQM based terminologies or MBNQA terminologies.



Servant Leadership at centre of organisational success

Senior leaders at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Centre (MHHC in the US was a 2018 Baldrige Award Recipient, placed the attributes of a servant’s heart around the circle of its graphic depicting its Servant Leadership System: selflessness, forgiveness, honesty, commitment, patience, kindness, humility, and respect. Inside the circle were leadership goals and at the heart of the model were the mission, vision, core values, covenants, and core competencies, representing the building blocks of culture. MHHC results reflected success, and included Memorial Hospital’s results have helped propel it to national role-model status. Results include the following: Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 5-star rating for overall quality of inpatient care since ratings began; National top-10%, net-positive, value-based-payment performance since 2017.



Leadership system at award winning business consultancy

Integrated Project Management (IPM), a US Business consulting company and 2018 Baldrige Award recipient, credited its “Essential Leadership” system with accelerating its journey to excellence. The base of the 6 layered leadership system pyramid was IPMs fundamental values with in ascending order Mission; Vision; Long Range Goals; the Biennial Strategic Plan; and capped by the Annual Plan/Actions Plans. In a review of the components of this leadership system, IPM made the decision as part of its Baldrige journey to pull out its core values and highlight them, though these values had been incorporated in the company’s mission and vision for more than two decades. IPM began its Baldrige journey with its 2014-2015 business plan and the positioning of action plans (part of the annual business plan) at the top of the pyramid was because these actions were seen as bringing IPM’s journey to life.

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