IBPC, OWIA, GBN, and ESG 2022 Award Winners

We are extremely pleased to share the names of winners of the 8th International Best Practice Competition Award, the 4th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, 7th Global Benchmarking Award, and the 1st Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award.

We truly believe that every single entry of the applications that reached the qualifying rounds of the awards, deserve appreciation and praise for their respective effort and achievements.

The judging process was carried out by honorable panels of expert international judges. It was an incredibly tough task for the judges but after much deliberation, the winners were announced.

CONGRATULATIONS, and a huge round of applause for all the winners for their extraordinary, world-class accomplishment!

8th International Best Practice Competition

4th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, 7th Global Benchmarking Award

1st Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award

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Risk Management and Strategy Execution System at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Robert Kaplan, co-creator of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) along with leaders from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory offer practical insights into the risk management and strategy execution system. The eBook has explored how risk management can be better integrated into strategy execution. Furthermore, it guides on how to evaluate the risk hierarchy, mitigate, plan, and lead before and during a crisis.

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Assessing Workforce Engagement at Excellence Award Winning organisation

The Centre for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), a US Organ Procurement Organisation, used the Beyond Feedback survey to assess Workforce Engagement. The process identified drivers of satisfaction and engagement between workforce segments. Team members selected 10 Employee Key Requirements (EKRs) out of a list of 26. Each EKR represented an area of engagement or satisfaction for the team member. Once selected, they provided a weight to each EKR, representing the level of importance to the team member.

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