Best Practice Report: Training for the Arts and Culture Sector

This report outlines the best practice research undertaken by in the area of training for the arts and culture sector. The best practices have been compiled under seven main headings. This layout is designed to enable you to scan subjects that are of interest to you and your organisation, quickly assess their importance, and download relevant information for further study.

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Impact of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence at a US university

Since winning the 2001 Baldrige Award the University of Wisconsin-Stout continued to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework. In recent years the university: 1) started an informal Baldrige team with membership open to the entire campus. The team met several times a year to discuss ways in which they were following the Baldrige Criteria and addressed improvement opportunities. 2) Teams were sent to Baldrige professional development offerings, to Baldrige regional conferences and occasionally to the Quest for Excellence® Conference. 3) a Baldrige-based approach was used to meet regional accreditation requirements through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 4) the Baldrige framework helped the university to focus on the small number of metrics that were most important to success and that aligned with the strategic plan. The university had a comprehensive review in March 2016 and the review team leader said it was the best portfolio he had ever seen.

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Brand Management at a national infocomm organisation

To fully align its internal and external brands and to attract top tech talent, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), the national infocomm planner, launched a campaign to change the public perception of its role as purely a regulatory one. The programme invited potential hires to “Join us in building the world’s first smart nation.” IDA created tiered campaigns on LinkedIn, and became one of Singapore’s first adopters of Glassdoor, a website where employees and former employees reviewed companies. IDA reached over 200,000 Facebook users with its Smart Agents of Change app, that helped potential candidates understand the range of roles available. A monthly newsletter was produced for candidates and new hires, and IDA enhanced its on-boarding processes. As a result, IDA’s ranking on the Singapore Government-Linked Employer of Choice ranking climbed 10 places, it was ranked as one of the most attractive employers in a graduate survey, and was named Joint Winner of the 2016 UK HR Excellence Award for Best HR Strategy Overseas.


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