Announcing dates for IBPC, OWIA, GBN, and ESG 2023

We are extremely pleased to share the dates of the 9th International Best Practice Competition Award, the 5th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, 8th Global Benchmarking Award, and the 2nd Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award. Submission of Entry Forms (Round 1) are required for 20 March 2023 with Best Practice Presentations (Round 2) planned for June 2023, with Finals (Round 3) held in July/August 2023. Full details of the schedule and entry forms will be available on in the next week.

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Productivity Transformation (PX), By Yukihiro Okawa, Managing Director of the Japan Productivity Center

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This cybersecurity assessment template for businesses is simple, but informative. The five steps aim to help businesses understand their system and data; identify threats; determine risks; define impacts; and implement controls to mitigate risks. Each of the steps is exemplified by real examples to help you to apply that step more realistically.

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While much has been written about public sector productivity – what it is, how to measure it, and what makes it grow – we have only limited understanding of how to best improve it in practice. The new report by the Productivity Institute aims to connect our knowledge about concepts, measurement, drivers and barriers to productivity growth in the public sector with practical insights into how to improve it.

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