Announcing dates for IBPC, OWIA, GBN, and ESG 2023

We are extremely pleased to share the dates of the 9th International Best Practice Competition Award, the 5th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, 8th Global Benchmarking Award, and the 2nd Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award. Submission of Entry Forms (Round 1) are required for 20 March 2023 with Best Practice Presentations (Round 2) planned for June 2023, with Finals (Round 3) held in July/August 2023. Full details of the schedule and entry forms will be available on in the next week.

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Competitive, Profitable, New Normal SMEs. By Dr Sadaf Zahoor, Associate Professor, University of Engineering and Technology

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Featured Self-Assessment

This cybersecurity assessment consists of two parts: Inherent Risk Profile and Cybersecurity Maturity. The Inherent Risk Profile identifies the institution’s inherent risk before implementing controls. The Cybersecurity Maturity includes domains, assessment factors, components, and individual declarative statements across five maturity levels to identify specific controls and practices that are in place.

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The research study shares the actions that progressive functional leaders are taking to improve their execution and drive forward their organisation’s objectives, especially through times of disruption and uncertainty. For example, the study discusses the audit perspective of strategy and execution. It highlights that 70% of chief auditors say businesses are more likely to take action on recommendations based on data-driven insights, while only 4% of auditors currently employed in large metropolitan areas possess data analysis skills.

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