BPIR Newsletter May-2013
BPIR Best Practice Newsletter
May - 2013


Welcome to May’s edition of the BPIR Newsletter. sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events. (Non-members of the BPIR can read the newsletter but will be unable to access some of the links).

Best Practice Competition


Great news coming from Singapore, the 2nd International Best Practice Competition and GBN’s 2nd Global Benchmarking Award will be held at the Global Business Excellence Conference, 30-31 October 2013, Singapore.
We encourage you to think about your organisation’s best practices and submit them for entry by 22 July.
Upcoming Events
Organizational Excellence Assessment, Ottawa - Canada, 29 - 30 May. Organiser: Excellence Canada.

Benchmarking for Excellence, Singapore, 30 - 31 May. Organiser: MgDelxis Group.
-Only 3 places left-

National Evaluator Training, New Zealand, 10 - 11 June. Organiser: NZBEF.

17th International Conference on ISO 9000 & TQM, Sydney - Australia, 29 - 31 June. Organiser: HKSAR.

16th QMOD Conference, Portoroz, Slovenia, 4 - 6 September. Organiser: Lunds Unversity.

Global Business Excellence Conference, Singapore, 30 - 31 October. Organiser: Spring Singapore.

** See BPIR Events Calendar for more events


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Spotlight on Events
2nd International Best Practice Competition and GBN’s 2nd Global Benchmarking Award
The 2nd International Best Practice Competition and GBN’s 2nd Global Benchmarking Award will be held at the Global Business Excellence Conference, 30-31 October 2013, Singapore.

The Best Practice Competition encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams that have been responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices.
Winners of the competition will be recognized at the Global Business Excellence Conference and receive widespread media coverage.

For more information about the competition visit the competition website BestPracticeCompetition.com

Spotlight on Self-Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 70 to assess all aspects of your organisation from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:
  • Is Your Measurement System Well-Balanced? - This questionnaire provides a good overall assessment of the overall balance of your performance measurement system in terms of customer related measures, employee related measures, financial measures, operational measures, supplier measures, product/service quality measures and safety/environmental/public responsibility measures. ....read more (go to category 5.1)

  • Outcome Measurement (Not-for-Profit) - This assessment tool focuses on outcome measurement. It can help you to guide and track your organisation’s progress in developing and implementing an outcome measurement system. ....read more (go to category 5.1)

  • How well do you Delegate? - This self-assessment tool aims to examine your delegation skills. It will help you find out whether you have a problem delegating tasks. If so, five simple steps are recommended to improve your delegation capability. ....read more (go to category 7.3)

Featured Publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the titles from the "Banking And Finance" category (one of 23 categories): 
- Northwestern Financial Review
- Northern Ontario Business
- Journal of Research Administration
- Inland Empire Business Journal
The Mississippi Business Journal
- The Journal of Business Forecasting

Members read the latest issues - non members see available titles

Best Practice Case Studies
Read one of our best practice case studies:

Design thinking doubles new product development
The following five step design thinking process was used by PB to improve postal services:
  1. Posing strategic questions to find opportunities: e.g., 'How can PB develop solutions that meet the needs of customers that use postage stamps?'
  2. Focusing on discovering customer needs: The PB team visited small businesses of all types and observed practices, attitudes, frustrations and desires.
  3. Brainstorming and prototyping to radically change ways of meeting customer needs. Early prototypes helped PB understand what customers actually wanted.
  4. Creating value propositions that solved significant user needs: e.g.,'a distinctive, easy-to-use replacement for stamps with a price point well below alternatives.'
  5. Testing and refining value propositions in real life: i.e., the PB team experimented with several versions and decreased costs without sacrificing usability and tested customer acceptance.
Over a four-year period the rate at which new products were released for product development more than doubled.... read more

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